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"I'm very sorry."
Deep breath.
"There's nothing to be done."
Deep breath.
"She's going to die."
Deep breath.
"Would you like to say goodbye?"
Deep breath.
For :icon100themeschallenge: variation 2. theme -> Breathe

written to "Camisado" by Panic! At the Disco <- real stereotypical, i know

Usually when I write things like this I have no solid meaning or plan or idea of how to block it. I like to let the reader come up with everything on their own. It makes the piece more personal, individual.
This one is different.
It's meant to mimic the moment when you learn someone you love is going to die. When they're sick in the hospital and there's nothing left to hope for. When the doctor have given up, and the patient has, too. It's the moment when your world collapses in on itself. And all you can hear is your own breath, or heart beating. When you can't respond to the outside. Your mind struggles to grasp the idea. Then, milliseconds later, everything crashes into you and you're a sobbing mess. The only thing that can touch you in that dark place is the sense of doom, overwhelming fear, and a tiny glimmer of hope that religion provides.
Hopefully none of you readers can relate to this. It's a terrible feeling.
spligity Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011  Student General Artist
i've been notified of the death of someone very close to me before, but it wasn't in a hospital setting. came home from the neighbor's; my mom was crying, my uncle said my dad died.
i didn't really react, or could for that matter... i just sat and cried w/ my family cuz i felt that's what i was expected to do... but yea u described the feeling perfectly, except i've never had any religious beliefs
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